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New Born Screening

Newborn Screening Test is done 24 hours AFTER a baby is born to identify serious Metabolic disorders (IEMs or Inborn Errors of Metabolism) the baby might have been born with. These disorders if undetected and untreated can have adverse consequences for your baby's health.

If a baby is born with a disorder, a Newborn Screening Test helps detect the disorder early so treatments can start before the disorder causes any harm to your baby.

These disorders are inherited and cannot be prevented but they are TREATABLE. Even healthy looking babies and babies with no family history of such disorders may have them. If a baby is born with a disorder, early detection and treatment is the only solution. Failure to start the treatment in time may result in mental retardation, physical disability or even death.

The test is done by performing a painless heel prick on the baby and collecting a few drops of blood, 24 to 72 hours after birth. This sample is sent to NeoGen labs for testing. Results are normally out within 5 days.

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